What is Jext®?

Jext® is a single-use adrenaline auto-injector pen. Each Jext® injects a premeasured single dose of adrenaline for the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis.

The needle is contained within the Jext® before use and is automatically covered by the black needle shield after use. Jext® has been designed to be simple and reliable.

Using Jext®

Your doctor should explain when and how to use your Jext®. If you begin to experience the symptoms of anaphylaxis it is important that you use your Jext® immediately.

Early use of adrenaline improves the outcome and recovery from anaphylaxis. If symptoms don’t improve or the original symptoms re-appear, a second Jext® can be used after about 5-15 minutes.

Why have I been prescribed Jext®?

You have been prescribed Jext® as you are at risk from a potentially life threatening allergic reaction called anaphylaxis (an-a-fil-axis). This is sometimes called anaphylactic shock or anaphylactic reaction.

Jext® for schools

It’s important that you have a plan of action in the event that you suffer an anaphylactic shock at school or college.

Test your knowledge

It is encouraged that you regularly test your knowledge about your Jext® so we’ve put a handy quiz together.