The Anaphylaxis Campaign teamed up with the multi-award winning production company Bare Films to produce #TakeTheKit. The short film alerts severely allergic young people to the importance of carrying their adrenaline auto-injector.


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Do you carry your Jext® at all times?

In a youth survey carried out by the Anaphylaxis Campaign, a worrying 44% of 15-25 year olds admitted to not always carrying their adrenaline auto-injector.

This is a concerning statistic given that anaphylaxis is a serious condition.

We understand that there are pressures on teenagers to ‘fit-in’ and seem ‘normal’. However you should not allow the social stigma of carrying your Jext®, prevent you from doing so. To not carry your medication at all times is extremely risky and potentially life-threatening.

Although it may sometimes feel like your condition makes you ‘different’ from your friends, remember there are other young people out there living with anaphylaxis.

You can read their stories, tips and find tailored advice for teens on the dedicated section of the Anaphylaxis Campaign website.

Check it out here.