Jext® for schools

You spend the bulk of your week at school or college, so it is important if you suffer from anaphylaxis that you or your parent or guardian inform your school once you have been diagnosed. Request a meeting with your teacher or school nurse to agree on which members of staff to notify, protocol for how the allergy will be managed on a day to day basis and where your Jext® will be stored.

Where possible, you should have two Jext® with you, as in the event that one does not sufficiently reverse the anaphylaxis a second can be used within 5-15 minutes.

If Jext® is kept at school, make sure its expiry date is registered with the expiry alert service so that you are aware when the Jext® is due to expire.

Speak to your GP or local health authority about training for staff and teachers at your school.

Find out how Allergy UK, Anaphylaxis Campaign and other organisations are working together on new recommendations for allergies in schools.

College and university

Understanding the severity of your allergy is vital if you are out of your normal surroundings. So, moving away from home to college or university can be a daunting time if you suffer with a severe allergy, especially if until now a parent or carer has been instrumental in ensuring you avoid risks.

The excitement of new surroundings and new routines may result in forgetting to take your Jext® with you or taking risks.

Remember your number one priority is to avoid allergens where possible. Carry your Jext® with you at all times, and ensure that new colleagues, friends or house mates are aware that you suffer from a severe allergy which may result in you needing them to assist you in the event of an emergency. You can point them to our resource hub so they can learn more about your condition.

Use our checklist to ensure that you minimise the risks for your first time away from home:

  • Carry your Jext® with you at all time
  • Tell those around you about your allergies
  • Use your Lifeline Card to go through how to recognise symptoms and how to use your Jext®
  • Make a note of who you have trained and when so you know who can help at all time
  • Demonstrate how to use your Jext® using your Trainer
  • If you share a kitchen and suffer from food allergies, make those around you aware. Ask them to refrain from using your cooking utensils, and always wipe the sides down after cooking
  • Remember if in doubt about where food has been prepared avoid it